Activate effects on tracks in the Mixer [SOLVED]

It would be very useful (and nice) to activate effects on tracks in the Mixer and then to see the list of effects activated on different tracks.


There is History which shows the effects which have been applied.

yes, but there is not the track where the effect is activated

I try to better explain myself:

in Mixer we have: Gain slider, PAN slider, and mute/solo buttons.

I’d like to have:

1 - “Add Effect” = a button/menu, that behaves like “Effect Menu”
2 - “View Effect” = a button/menu, that is similar to “Hystory”, but with the list of the effetcs triggered for the actual track:
EffectName1; Parameter1:Value1, Parameter2;Value2, etc
EffectName2; Parameter1:Value1, Parameter2;Value2, etc

The purpose of Audacity is to directly modify the audio data, which is why you need to select the audio that you want to process, and then apply the effect to the selected audio. It sounds like you want a “real time DAW” rather than an “audio editor”. Perhaps Reaper, Sonar, Cubase, or similar would suit you better than Audacity.

hi Steve
maybe I don’t understand your answer: you’re telling me that this implementation cannot be done because Audacity is not as powerful as a DAW?

I have tried demo versions of Cubase and ProTools, and infact they are very powerful (and expensive…).

I’m not a SW developer, but it seems to me that these requests are not very heavy: tell me if I’m wrong. :unamused:

However I will continue to use Audacity with satisfaction, and helping me with an Excel spreadsheet to track the changes on the tracks :smiley:

No, I’m saying that Audacity is a different kind of program.

In a real-time DAW, effects are inserted into the track, and are applied in real-time while you play the track, but do not actually change the audio data in the track until you mix down.

In Audacity, applying effects acts directly and immediately on the selected audio.

Reaper is pretty cheap ($60 for a full license last time I looked), and has an excellent, unlimited trial version (payment based on honesty).

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding what you mean, but in Audacity you could apply hundreds of effects to different parts of the same track. What would be the point of cluttering the tracks with a list of all the effects that have been applied?

I’ll try to explain the problem a little bit more simple.

When you use an effect to your audio, the effect directly influence the wave form. It’s like you cut a sheet of paper with scissors or paint on it with a pencil. You can only undone the effect per undone function until you save the project.

To activate or deactivate a effect it would be necessary that the effect witch is chosen is just an information stored in your project and takes influence just in the moment of playback or mixdown/audio export. But this is not how audacity works. To add an “activate/deactivate effect” function the basics of the audacity program would have to be completely changed. I don’t think that tis would happen.

My request is about the possibility to activate an effect on a whole track directly from the mixer (where there are already the “commands” for volume, PAN and mute/solo that are activable for the whole track) and then review what I’ve done, in terms of the list of effects with their respective parameters.

Thanks for your patience… :slight_smile:


I think I’ve used the wrong term…
to "activate " I meant applying an effect on the track in the same way to select the effect from the menu, not activating it in real time.


You can select a track for an effect to be applied to, by clicking on the track icon in the Mixer Board.
By default the track icon is the Audacity logo, unless the track name matches one of the defined instrument names (see:

I doubt there is any will to duplicate the main Audacity window menus at the top of the Mixer Board, so you still need to use the main Audacity menus, or custom shortcuts, to select the effect.

To create custom shortcuts, see:

It would be great, but I can not make it work: If I click anywhere is not selected the header of the track…

And, once I have selected the track, how do I apply the effect (I would expect a right click)?


P.S. I have Audacity 2.3.2

It’s seems that with shortcut I can select a specific effect directly, but I can not choose from the list of effects, or I’m wrong?


As I wrote previously:

it’s ok: I can create a set of shortcuts :slight_smile:

but what about the other matter:

Hi Steve,
how can I select a track in Mixer Board for an effect to be applied to?

I’ve tried but it seems not working…


I’m probably wrong about something… :frowning:

I select the trace in the Mixer board, but then I can do nothing



Hi Team
no reply to this question?


Click on the “Effect” menu and select the effect that you want to apply.