Ack! I renamed main file. Help!

I was working on a long Audacity file, wasn’t thinking and changed one letter in the name. Now the main file won’t link to the individual audio data files. UGH! So stupid.

ALL the audio files are there. They just won’t open now, even when I changed the name back to the original name. Does anybody have any advice on what I can do to piece all that audio back together in order.

I did download the audacity recover software but I"m not sure it’s working. I put the correct location of the .AU Data Files and it says it can’t link them.

Any way to link all these back up properly? Thanks for you help! I’m on the newest version of Audacity and on a Mac OS.


You can open the AUP file in TextEdit and find out what it thinks the filenames should be. It’s in the first line or two of code and it has to be exactly correct.

In this one, the Project Name is “piano2split_data.”

If you used any linked music files, they have to be in exactly the right place and name, too. In this example, I used an external music file called “piano2.wav.” It’s under “aliasfile=.”

If all you did was change a filename, the rest of the show should be there waiting for you to change it back.


If you want to rename a project, let Audacity do it for you by using File > Save Project As… .