accidentaly overwritten tracks need help with recovery

I recently recorded 4 tracks at a seminar. then saved them to a folder. The next day I recorded 4 more tracks then did a multiple export but forgot to uncheck “overwrite existing files” . My original 4 files are gone. Wondering if just the name was overwritten or the file disappeared from my hard drive. I was hoping I could use a recovery program to get those important files back. Are they still on my hard drive? Can they be recovered? thanks
jim in dallas

You mean that you exported them to create 4 audio files?

You “may” be able to get back the original files using data recovery software (no guarantees). If you don’t already have such software, I’ve found the free version of Recuva to be good (though I’ve not used it for quite a few years). (I usually use the “piriform” download link as it has less adverts than the FileHippo link).

As with all data recovery of deleted files, install the recovery app on an external drive or different drive partition and recover the files to the different drive/partition. Use the original drive as little as possible until recovery is done.