Accessing Manual from Audacity Help

Using Audacity Ver 2.1.1 installed under Windows 10 Ver 1511 ( latest updates installed). Downloaded the .exe installer from the Audacity website.

When I try to access the “Quick Help” or the “Manual” from within Audacity nothing appears to happen and nothing opens in my browser.

Is there someplace in the preferences where I need to place a path to the local html help files? I see a place under the “Keyboard” but it appears to be for setting a shortcut key, not the actual patch to the help.

The files are install on my computer located at “C:\Program Files (x86)\Audacity\help\manual” and if I locally click on either the index.html or the quick_help.html they do run. They just won’t activate from within Audacity.

I also looked at the audacity.cfg file located at “C:\Users\Bill\AppData\Roaming\Audacity” on my computer. I see where it has “Help=Local” in the cfg file.

I have reset my default browser from Microsoft Edge to Chrome and then to Firefox and it does not come up in any of the 3 browsers so I don’t think it’s a browser issue.


Bill A

Thanks for the good information.

Local help is default, so the fact that audacity.cfg even says “Help=Local” suggests that preference was changed at some time.

You can try reinstalling 2.1.1 but make sure “Reset Preferences” is enabled half way through the installation. Confirm the reset when you launch Audacity.

If you don’t want to lose any customised preferences you may have, try removing the “Help=Local” line from audacity.cfg while Audacity is closed.

If that does not work then try accessing the Manual online by opening Edit > Preferences…, then “Interface” then change “Location of Manual” to “From Internet”. Then when you press Help > Manual in Audacity you will access the identical Manual online at


Thanks for the response.

I did the reinstall and the local manual still does not activate from within Audacity.

I changed the location per your suggestion to access the Manual online by opening Edit > Preferences…, then “Interface” then change “Location of Manual” to “From Internet”. That works perfectly for both the “Quick Help” or the “Manual”. So accessing while online will not be an issue.

I just need to remember that if I am not connected then I will need to navigate to the Audacity folder to manually access the local version.

Again thank you for the help.

I may try installing on a different computer under Windows 7 and see how it works. It is most likely an issue with my specific computer and the Windows 10 I have on it.



Thanks, Bill.

This isn’t a general problem on Windows 10.

If you drag a text file or one of the shipped plugins into Audacity then press “Help”, do the links in that Help window work? And do the Download buttons in “Libraries” Preferences work?

What anti-virus application are you using?


Wasn’t there a problem some time back if your computer had Copy to, Move to installed? That has got to be several years ago. If that is the case, I cannot believe it has not been addressed. I have the same problem and I have those two features installed.
I have a version on another computer that is easy to disable. I will try that tonight and post my findings.