Accentize DeRoom plugin

Audacity 2.2.2 Windows 10 Pro Version 20H2
can’t seem to have Audacity recognize the Accentize DeRoom VST3 plugin. I’m trying to decrease the reverb in an existing file.

Audacity doesn’t support VST3. If there is a “regular” VST2 version (with a DLL extension) it MIGHT work. Note that 32-bit plug-ins only with with 32-bit Audacity and 64-bit plug-ins only work with 64-bit Audacity. And, some 3rd-party plug-ins don’t work at all in Audacity. :frowning:

Accentize does NOT list Audacity as a compatible host. Their support page says:

Will the plugin also work with other DAWs than stated on the product page?

The DAWs mentioned on the product page are the official supported ones, which the software was tested with. However, many users reported that they are successfully using the plugins also with other hosts as for example Logic or Adobe Premiere. We suggest to use the free trial period to find out if the product works in your context.

Accentize DeRoom VST3 plugin.

I wonder how they did that. And how well. Room echoes are one of the guaranteed ways to kill a show.

Depending on how important the show is, it’s worth buying a purpose-built computer, install Audacity and the plugin rather than the other way around. The choices are do that or have echoes in your show. Full Stop.

Room reverb/echoes are your own voice bouncing from the walls and arriving at the microphone later than your main voice. Also see: announcing in a bathroom or kitchen. So the job is remove your voice from itself.

It’s that bad.


Acon DeVerberate2 works in Audacity on Windows,
but IMO all the de-reverb plugins are only useful to dry-up slight reverb.
If your reverb is like a tiled bathroom they are useless.

Thanks to all who replied. All useful stuff. I’m new to plugins but have already noticed the variation in quality. Some have great graphics but lousy performance and others have lousy graphics but more than acceptable performance. :slight_smile:

more than acceptable performance.

If you find one with acceptable performance, post back.