Absence of audacity/computer sound

Adjusted/normalized playback volume and now there is no sound at all on my compute. I’m not even sure these two things are connected but that is what’s happening.

Is it just Audacity, or no sound at all?

Did you plug-in a USB mic, or USB turntable, or something that’s only for input-recording and no output-playback?

No sound at all: Here’s the sequence: I had a Samson Q2U usb mike and a Th- 200 headphone connected to the computer. I recorded a sample and rhen played it back ond could hear it but it was very low. At some point here I unplgged the mike and headphones to see if I could hear it on the computer external speakers which I could, also very low. I exported and stored the file. I watched an online video about how to normalize the sound but it didn’t work because no audio sellected. so I texted you guys and Jademan said I needed to have audio selected. I didn’t know how ti do that so I made anorher recording to work on. This time it looked like it was working. I say “looked” because now no sound. I think that’s everything.

Audacity doesn’t mess with your Windows settings so it shouldn’t affect any other applications. …Sometimes this is a problem because Skype or Zoom will change the settings and then Audacity doesn’t work as-expected and Audacity won’t change them back.

Right-click on the Windows speaker/volume icon and select Open Sound Settings. Make sure the output/playback device is correct.

…Sometimes when you plug-in a USB mic, Windows tries to use the “new audio device” for recording and playback, or it may have been changed another way.

Then, Audacity has it’s own Audio Settings for recording & playback.

Probably unrelated, but somebody had a problem where they had some HUGE (but short duration) noise spikes. When they normalized it brought the noise spikes down to 0dB (as expected) and then everything else was so quiet that it was almost silent, and the “waveform” was only a flat line.


Thanks very much. I will see about that.

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