About this forum [READ ME]

This forum is only for feedback and bug reports for the latest Audacity alpha version.

Audacity is a community driven project. Your feedback is vital and can benefit millions of Audacity users around the world. Feedback from the Audacity user community is essential for ensuring the highest quality in new Audacity releases. The sooner the Audacity developers know how to reproduce a bug, the sooner they can fix it.

All bug reports must include the following information:

  • Exact version number of Audacity
  • Operating system version
  • Brief description of the problem
  • Detailed, step by step instructions for how to reproduce the problem

Bug reports that do not include the above information will be deleted or moved.

Additional information and / or screenshots should be included as necessary to adequately describe the problem.

Feedback about new features is also very welcome.
Please ensure that the feature you describe is new in the version of Audacity specified in the forum title. Feedback about a previous release may be posted to the “Audacity 2.x Feedback and Reviews” board.

Posts in this forum will be archived in the “Audacity 3.x Feedback and Reviews” board when testing moves to a new version of Audacity.