About Quantizing Audio

Can Audio Files Import in audacity can be quantized?

Quantization is the process of constraining an input from a continuous or otherwise large set of values (such as the real numbers) to a discrete set (such as the integers).
So what exactly do you mean by “quantize audio files”?

If you are talking about quantizing the timing of musical notes & beats, no. Audacity can’t do that (although there may be a 3rd-party plug-in).

Otherwise, digital audio is always quantized in two dimensions (amplitude and time). The bit depth determines the quantization and resolution of the amplitude and the sample rate determines the time quantization & resolution.

When you “digitize” or make a digital audio recording (from analog) the analog-to-digital converter “quantizes” the analog signal. But, we usually say “digitize”.

Thanks for your help.
Is there any third party plugin available?

To do what?