AAC export

I use audacity from long time but allways exported on mp3.
Now i need to export to aac/mka/m4a and i see that there is a problem with slide to configure output bitrate.
I see some old post (2016) about problem with this bitrate slide…
In 2022 there still exist this problem?

There are two ways to do it, and I’ve had “mixed results”.

You can check the results with MediaInfo or [u]MediaInfoOnline[/u]

You can select M4A (AAC) Files (FFmpeg) from the drop-down menu. When I tried it a about a week ago the Quality slider didn’t work. But I just-now tried it (on a different computer) and it did work.

Or, you can select Custom FFmpeg Export from the drop-down menu. Open the options window and select mp4 as the format and aac as the codec. This worked for me previously and it worked for me today. (When you enter the bitrate, enter the “full” numerical value… 360k is entered as 360000.)

On my pc (windows 11 and the latest version of audacity) still does not work
I used the custom method and saved my preset.