A warp tool to correct tempo shifts for Audacity

Hello! Newbie in the forum here. My name is Chris!

Long time Audacity user, here. Simply love this DAW!

For a long time I’ve been searching for a warp tool similar to the one available in Ableton Live, in order to correct tempo shiftings in tracks, which is quintessential for remixing and also producing DJ sets.

Is there something like that available from a 3rd party that could be incorporated in Audacity, please?

In case not, maybe the development team could create such a tool to incorporate to the DAW on a future update, please?

Many thanks for any help in advance!

Kindest regards,

We have added warping in 3.4, you can use it by alt-dragging the edge of a clip. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgdYuSHdkso for more.

Audacity 3.5 will be able to do automatic tempo detection of clips, and also let you change the pitch of clips.

Does that help? Or do you mean changing the tempo within a clip as well?

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Hello, LWinterberg!

Thank you for your reply!

Nope. I meant a warp tool to make corrections to the tempo of the track, in order to put it squarely perfect into a grid, not allowing any fluctuations or drifts in tempo.

Suppose that I want to slide in a 4/4 kick under a disco track, which have its original drums played by a drunk drummer. The warp tool employed by Ableton Live serves precisely for this purpose (and likewise Elastic Audio in Pro Tools and Logic Pro).

That is the kind of warp tool I’m talking about…a tool that allows warping the track in order to make it fit in the grid perfectly, glued to the click track.

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Is there a way to "upvote"this request? Just about every DJ that dabbles in music production and remixing would like to see this functionality incorporated into audacity.



About time Audacity puts podcasters needs on the backburner for awhile and start to dedicate itself to real music production and definitely address music producers needs.

A warp tool is a MUST for anyone involved in music production. Even real musicians will eventually need a warp tool to correct timing on their takes or passes, otherwise they will be required to record it again and again until hit the nail squarely on the head.

Please, Audacity Team: implement a warp tool dedicated to music production in order to fix/correct drifting tempos in complete music tracks or audio samples.

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