A tiny whisper behind lots of static

Note: This is related to a home securiity issue, I have looked at the program and googled but I am very tired and overwhelmed. I just need this small piece of evidence, it will be very helpful in a weeks long saga. Please help I would be very appreciative.
The audio: there is a click then a whisper, I am trying to amplify the whisper to hear what it says. (or confirm there is a whisper as I am probably paranoid)

Sounds like Duchess or touches, but IMO it’s auditory pareidolia …

I didn’t want to prompt a response, but the word I hear is “tula” {too-la), which is ‘quiet’ in Zulu. I just had a Zulu person listen to it but he couldn’t make out “tula” exactly but said that it sounded like someone saying something along the lines of “shhhh/be quiet”
Thank you for the reply.
PS: on a tanget, Prof. Oliver Sacks wrote an amazing book called “Hallucinations” and another called “Musiophylia”, great read if you are interested in how the brain works and how we interpret the world.

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