A small annoyance

Hi all

Running Audacity 3.1.2
Not really a problem or anything, just reporting what I consider to be an annoyance, and was wondering if there was any way to resolve this.

Is it possible to stop the arrows disappearing when the arrow isn’t the scrollbar to scroll horizontally?

Reason why I’m asking is that sometimes due to the arrow not being visible, I click a millimetre or so short of the arrow, then lose my selection, and have to re-listen to what I was trying to edit, and select it all over again, and for someone who tries to be as precise as possible it is a real annoyance. I would prefer not to do the same thing twice if I can help it.

Here are the arrows that I would like visible at all times.
I no longer want this when my mouse isn’t there.

No Arrows.png
Thanks in advance for your responses & suggestions.

Audacity uses the system’s scrollbars (and dropdowns, and quite a lot of other elements, for that matter). In Windows 11’s Settings > Accessibility > Visual Effects, I can turn off animation effects so the arrows appear more quickly when going mouse-over, but that’s all unfortunately.