a reliable cd burner

can anyone here recommend a reliable cd burner?thanks


It’s 2014… In a few days it will be 2015… Are there any unreliable CD/DVD burners?

Some people have trouble with external burners powered by USB ports, but otherwise any CD burner should be OK.

Or if you are having trouble, try a different brand of blank discs, or just a different batch.

I think the most often cause of failure is letting a burner go “as fast as you can.” That usually means a certain error rate is acceptable in order to gain great speed.

I recently took possession of a Mac Mini the latest version of which comes with no optical drive. I bought a stand-alone USB2 SuperDrive which apparently has no troubles burning Compact Disk variations and DVD variations. It will refuse to run from any USB other than a home run to the machine and I never let it run at maximum speed.


I would avoid “bargain basement” devices.

how do you adjust the cd burner so it will work right?


ok I made the cd burner slower used reliable blank cd (verbatim…i was using sony)and it still didn’t burn the disc…the cd burner im trying to use is imgburn…any


Say exactly what happened. Did it refuse to burn the disc and give an error message? If so, what exactly did the error say?

If the disc burnt but won’t play outside your computer, tell ImgBurn to burn an audio CD or music CD not a data CD.


there was no error message…it prosessed the cd but when I went to play the cd on my cd player it wouldent play…i was told you need author rights to burn a cd with it…this is imgburn…so I
tried winders burner and it seems to work ok…so ill stick to that 4 now…thanks


If the program really is “ImgBurn” when you may need an actual Audio CD Authoring Program — like Windows Media.

An “Image” has special meaning in computer land, and yes, if you’re trying to make identical duplications of copyrighted works, that’s going to be a problem.


yeah im not sure why my friend recommended it…im going to stick with the on board windows cd burner…it seems to be pretty easy…


…i was told you need author rights to burn a cd with it…this is imgburn…

No. That’s not true. ImgBurn can burn Audio CDs, Data CDs or DVDs, etc. (DVDs do need to be “authored” first, but not audio CDs. And of course you need DVD burner to burn DVDs.)

However, you do need to configure ImgBurn to make an Audio CD. If you simply burn WAV or MP3 files to the disc, they will play on your computer but they won’t play on a standard Audio CD player.

im just going to use windows cd burner…it seems to be the easiest…thanks