A question about echo.

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Sorry, I have not a question about Audacity but I need help for another sound app and maybe you could help.

It is Lumafusion for Ipad. An exhaustive video editor.

I have an echo issue on a video and I would like to remove it.
There is a lot of sound options on Lumafusion and I don’t know wich one could help for that.

Maybe there is an Audacity option to do that.
To know wich one could perhaps help me to find an equivalent on Lumafusion…
The technical words are surely the same.

Maybe you could say : what about the Lumafusion forum ?
I already ask the question but they have no answer
They are really good for all the video issues with a lot of videos but the sound is a very specific world.
Here is a screen shot with some of the options.


Audacity can’t help with echoes.


Echoes are a special case where the performer’s voice (as an example) hits the microphone more than once. There is no key or tag to tell Audacity which is the main voice and which is the echo. You are, in effect, asking the software to remove the voice from itself.

This is why we urge, very strongly, to soundproof your room or environment before you try recording your voice.


Do post back if you get some software to work.


Are you discovering a video production truism? Sound without the picture is a radio show or podcast. Picture without the sound is a rehearsal.

You know that thing where the director on a movie set yells “ROLL!” and the camera operator yells “ROLLING!” and the Director yells “ACTION!” and they go on to make movie magic? What’s not exactly how it works. The director yells “ROLL,” the camera operator yells “ROLLING,” the sound lady yells “SPEED,” the Assistant Camera claps the slate…

…and then the director yells “ACTION.”

Nobody does squat until the sound lady is ready.

I can hear you say, “Nobody does that any more.” Think so? You see vloggers every so often double clap their hands before they shoot a scene. That’s so they can sync up their split sound track with their video later.

If there’s no sound, they go back and do it again.


It depends on the type of echo.
If it’s long, a gate may help, just be careful with the timings or you will start cutting off the ends of wanted dialog.
On the other hand, if it’s a “short” echo, then you’re pretty much stuck with it.
There are plugins that do remove some of the echo, but at a cost, degradation of the audio.