A project won't open (crashes Audacity immediately)

Hello, every time I try to open this one project audacity crashes immediately. Please help me out, this project is very important to me and just won’t open!

Here’s the start of the bug report (Exception code 0x1), I’ve clicked send report to audacity.

Operating system: Mac OS X
10.16.0 21A559
CPU: amd64
family 6 model 61 stepping 4
4 CPUs


Crash address: 0xffffffffb052bfff
Process uptime: 28 seconds

Which Audacity version are you using?


3.1.1 :slight_smile:

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I’m not an expert on macOS, but that looks to me like a CoreAudio crash, which would implicate your computer’s audio device drivers.
Audacity queries all audio devices on the system (not just the ones that you use), so if any device has a bad driver a crash could be triggered when Audacity launches. (The reason why Audacity queries all devices is so that you can choose which devices to use for play / record without having to restart Audacity).

I’d suggest that you take a look in the “Audio MIDI Setup” app and see if anything looks unusual there. You could try disabling any devices that you don’t use.

I assume you are running 3.1.1. If not, please ignore this post. :smiley:

Your kernel crash specific to one project on Audacity 3.1.1 sounds eerily similar to this issue: Re: Audacity 3.1.1 keeps crashing when trying to open file [SOLVED]

If this is the case the problem can be resolved by returning to Audacity 3.1.0 or by using the fix posted there.