A plugin to heterodyne live tracks on Audacity?

Hi everyone !

I am currently using audacity to run a number of experiments relating to heterodyning, using single sideband modulation (SSB). I want to apply this as a real time effect on a live track, say by mixing it with a carrier of 8khz or higher. My plan is to ultimately work with higher, ultrasonic frequencies, but I’m sticking to hearable frequencies for now.

Unfortunately, while I was able to code part of the process on Nyquist, I wasn’t able yet to find any plugin that would allow me to heterodyne a track, and/or heterodyning while removing the carrier in order to remove the metallic noise. Does such a plugin exist at all, and if not, is there a way to code it using Nyquist in order to make it into a real time effect plugin for audacity ?

Thanks in advance for our answer !

This real-time plugin does +/-5kHz …

If your goal is covert brainwashing with ultrasonic messages, you’re wasting your time.

Thanks a lot ! I’m going to test it asap.

No, my plan has nothing to do with brainwashing :laughters:. It’s part of a wider project I’m running with other amateurs regarding cetacean vocalization analysis and communication. What we’re doing is essentially the same than how bat detectors, or VLF radios, function.

From what I understand, it does frequency shift, rather than frequency translocation. Can this be somehow used in such a way as to maintain harmonics, as in heterodyning ?

Then you need a pitch shifter.
Audacity comes with one of those, but it’s not a real-time effect …
[ & it adds digital artifacts ]

The free version of Grallion2 plugin has a pitch shifting wheel.

Thanks a lot ! I will look into these

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