A new NON muso trying to use it tute's confuse me

is there a dot point listing step by step as to how to use it - I’m in the K.I.S.S. clan as far as tech goes.

It depends on what you want to do.

It’s like a tool… or more like a toolbox. There is no simple set of instructions how to use a toolbox full of tools. :wink:

G’Day DVDdoug,
Thanks for your reply - I do understand about toolbox etc - it’s a case of KNOWING which/right tool to use.

  1. Want to digitize old cassettes into my Windows Media Player.
  2. Using Audacity via an Audio Interface (now learning new lingo!)
  3. Audacity records all tracks as 1 long track - as many as 8 or a dozen or more tracks come out as 1 long one.
  4. have tried making individual folder to send from A/City BUT when closing keeps asking/telling me that cannot use Project ONLY audio files, will only save in Audacity ?
  5. Need to be able to Identify Tape Artist & each & every track & be able to “name them”.
    This is the basic gist of my of my issues/problems I am having as a NON GEEK newbie to Audacity - any assistance/help is truly appreciated. Cheers The Guv.

Create a label track, then use “export multiple”.

G’Day Trebor,
Thanks for your reply & demo screen shot
I Have NOT found a tab that’ says Create Label - have seen tab that say’s “Label” - BUT I’m still none the wiser ??
Watched a UTube clip that mention clicking on the Audio bar top left-hand corner to create label BUT still not "how to title songs as per your screen shot.
A PS the name TREBOR is a long distant memory for me & sweetshops of Old.


Thanks Trebor - that is a “lesson” right up my street a I’m able to watch/rewind & note it down as dot points for myself for reference,

There’s more than one way to skin a cat …

other label method

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