A few questions re headphones for audio book recording...

I too searched a lot for not too pricey and affordable headphone and the above suggested Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO is actually pricey for me as it costs around $200
While I found a few that does the job but are not meant for long terms.

Like the Sound Intone I65 which does not costs a lot and has good reputation over amazon. It has got around 785 reviews with 4.0 ratings, I would highly recommend to go with it purchased it for my kiddo as few months back we had a lot of constructions going around and it went very tuff for him to concentrate over studies and sleep.

Sound Intone I65 and 3M PeltorOptime 105 ear earmuffs were the first noise cancelling headphones on my list which helped me a lot.

Somewhere on the ACX website they say that the standard of the voice over industry for headphones is the AKG K240. These run about $65, so they seem to be a good buy and not that expensive. I’m a newb and haven’t tried them so I can’t say. I let a salesman at a major online music store talk me into buying Focal Spirit Pros, at $200 and I hate them. The sound may be great but they do not fit over my ears, which are of normal size. I told this salesman that I wanted earphones that would not press down on my ears and he completely ignored that. I’m sure the company had too many of the Focal that day and was giving bonuses to the salesmen who got rid of them. The AKG K240 are said to have very large ear cups and will fit over anyone’s ears. I’m going to try them.

We wince a little when someone says “noise cancelling.” The noise cancellation part of the processing tends to take priority because that’s the number that makes it into the ads.

Oh, by the way, they sound OK.

Then there’s the power they need to run. That has to come from somewhere. On-board batteries?

So no, unless you have a terrific reason for considering them (like you’re forced to cut together a backing track on the flight from Vancouver) they’re probably a poor idea.