A delay is occuring in the track I want to record (two tracks already recorded)(SOLVED)

Hello. Haven’t used Audacity in a while but seem to be back up to speed, except I could not hear the instrument I’m recording (keyboard) in my headphones. I found out how to get the track I was recording to play through the headphones as well as the tracks already recorded ( by turning on Software Playthrough on under Transport) but now there is a delay in me playing a chord and it coming thru the headphones (and yes the delay in being recorded as a delay. The keyboard is fine coming thru my PA. Hope I explained it well. Thanks

By the way, I’m recording on a Windows 10 system using Audacity 3.2.1

Playthrough is always late—echoey. To do real time, perfect overdubbing, you have to plug your wired earphones/headphones into the USB Microphone, Digital Interface, or Digital Mixer.

Screen Shot 2021-11-20 at 4.40.19 PM.png

And turn Playthrough off.


I’m not using a microphone. I am recording a keyboard track for an original song. I can’t run the playback of already recorded tracks (3) thru the mixer because they would record with the keyboard track. That’s why I ran the output from my computer to the headphone amp. I tried adjusting adjusting the latency without much success.

Problem solved. Routing signal on mixer solved it. Thanks for input