-9997 invalid sample rate

Hello, I’ve been getting this error every time I try to record from my dim 850. When I installed the software at first I was able to record with no problems. but then I closed the software and re opened it on a different day and this error keeps popping up. I have the same setting I had the first time. I already try to re instal the software. I also checked the the sample rate is the same as my dim and my laptop but everything looks okay. Can anyone help me with this issue? I’m trying to record a DJ set by this weekend.
Thank you

Windows guy here…

Since it all worked before, and you haven’t changed anything that could cause this problem (no one ever does), the obvious thing is to reboot all of the hardware involved (including your PC), but I imagine you have already done that.

So the rates are all the same. Have you tried switching them all to 48000?

Does Audacity have permission to use the microphone?

Does flipping between mono and stereo change anything?

Are you trying to playback at the same time you are recording? Does your playback sample rate match your recording sample rate?

Hello, Yes too everything, but what do you mean to playback at the same time I’m recording?
A friend of mine who has a MacBook has the same issue so it could be technical issue from audacity?
I already tried everything :confused:

In Edit > Preferences > Recording, are either of the first two options checked? (Play other tracks while recording = overdub, Software playthrough of input).