9997 Invalid sample rate on WASAPI only

Yesterday, I worked on a two-track file [let’s call it ‘work-file’]. I used Windows WASAPI and everything was OK
Today, I imported ten new clips (MP3 files) into one of the two tracks in work-file; then saved it.
When I tried to record to either track, or to a new track, in work-file, I get the message <<Error Opening Recording Device. Error code -9997 Invalid sample rate>>
This ONLY applies to Windows WASAPI. It records to work-file with MME and Windows Direct Sound, just NOT with WASAPI
Windows WASAPI works when I open a new file.
I am using Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface with an AT2020-XLR microphone
The operating system is Windows 10 in a Dell XPS
The sampling rate (44100 Hz) is the default
I am an inexperienced Audacity user, and very grateful for guidance

That’s weird but my GUESS is that it’s not REALLY a sample rate problem. But if Direct Sound and MME work, I’d recommend using something that works. :wink: There shouldn’t be a difference in sound quality. Sound quality mostly depends on the acoustic & analog side of things (assuming you don’t use a “low quality” digital format).

…There is something called WASAPI exclusive mode and from what I understand, exclusive mode only works at sample rates that the hardware physically supports, whereas the standard mode (and Direct Sound and MME) drivers will automatically resample to match your software settings.

Thanks, DVDdoug
Yes, I will switch to MME or DirectSound. However, I really want to know what happened so I have put in a technical request to Focusrite as they were fantastically helpful when I could not get the Scarlett Solo device to work initially

I would be happy to hear what they report. Regardless of the sample rate, it is important that Audacity, Windows, and Focusrite all run at the same speed. If there is a mis-match, there can be unpredictable results. Audacity’s rate for new tracks can be found on the lower left-hand corner of the windows. For Windows, right-click on your windows speaker icon on the right of the task bar > click Sounds > Recording > Your Focusrite Solo > Properties > Advanced > Default Format. I believe Focurite has Windows software that allows you to set the sample rate.

If 44100, doesn’t work, try 48000.

I hope this helps. :smiley: