80Hz - 200µs signal

Does somebody can explain me if it’s possible to create in Audacity a signal of 80Hz with a pulse width of 200µs?
I suppose it is not a sinusoidal wave and the generate square signal menu does not display a pulse width parameter.
Thank’s for your help

If you mean that you want a pulse wave with a pulse width of 200 µs and a pulse repetition frequency of 80 Hz, then running this code in the Nyquist Prompt effect will do that:

(osc-pulse 8 -0.997)

Note that this is a digital signal between -1 and +1. If you intend to convert this to an analogue signal, there will aliasing and overshoot, which may or may not matter for your application.

Thanks for these informations.
In fact, I try to reproduce on Audacity the same signal as that of muscle strengthening devices, but I do not know what is the shape of the current and the only indications are for example:

  • Frequency: 80 Hz
  • Pulse width: 200 μs
    And there is no indication regarding the pulse duration …

On such a device, you can safely assume a 50% duty cycle, imho. :smiley:

How does that work with the specified “80Hz with a pulse width of 200µs”?
Wouldn’t the pulse width at 80 Hz with 50% duty cycle be 625 µs?

I would expect such a device to have specs written by the marketing dept…

Sorry, it’s in french!