8 Channel interface question

I want to record a drum kit on audacity. I intend to use an 8 channel audio interface. When I press record - will audacity record 8 independent tracks that I can mix/add effects etc ?

Multi-track recording is tricky with Audacity. Some people get it to work but most people have trouble and I see very little discussion about it here on the forum.

There is some information in the User’s manual.

So you may need a full DAW application. Some interfaces come with a “lite” version of a DAW.

Once you have multiple tracks Audacity can apply effects (separately to each track if you wish) and mix. But it’s missing a couple common features that you’ll find on a DAW, such as volume automation and a master mix level control, etc.

Mixing without a master fader is difficult because mixing is done by summation and with Audacity you can only adjust-down the individual tracks before mixing. (Since you are normally adjusting the levels it turns-out to be a weighted average, but it’s done by summing… Analog mixers are built-around summing amplifiers.)

Thanks for your reply. I’m a USER - but the USER MANUAL leaves me confused. It would seem that the answer is NO. Thanks for your time

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