7 Mics into sound board with a channel for each then usb from sound board to computer

I’m new and sorry if this has been asked and answered. I am recording a live show. There will be 7 mics that are plugged into the soundboard has a channel for each. The soundboard is a behringer xenyx x2222usb. Will Audacity be able to separate each mic into its own channel? I want to be able to adjust the volume of individual mics for the final sound file. If this doesn’t make sense let me know and I’ll try to explain further. Very new to all this stuff.

Have you done a plain, ordinary sound shoot with a single microphone?

About every third forum post is complaining about distortions, damage, and problems trying to force Windows to perform simple voice recordings.

It is sometimes possible to get Audacity to perform a multi-channel recording, but it’s not easy and sometimes takes Special Software and settings.

Do you have a nice quiet, echo-free room?

What’s the possibility of hiring an experienced engineer for this one shoot and you sit in the background madly scribbling notes?


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There will be an engineer running the soundboard and lights during the show. It is a theatre so the sound quality will be good. I was wondering if Audacity will be able to give me separate recording or channel for each mic in the recording so i can adjust sound as needed.

I’m going to quietly back away.

I know that each time this comes up in the forum, nobody has a definite, works every time answer.

What does Behringer think? I have some Behringer stuff and I like it a lot.


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okay thank you for your imput. I appreciate the knowledge. If i figure out a way to do this i will share it

Your Behringer mixer only sends the 2-channel stereo mix to the USB port (section 5.5 of the User Manual).

That’s true for most “USB mixers”.

There are higher-end mixers that double as multi-channel audio interfaces. There are affordable multi-channel interfaces but then you’d have to split the inputs to both.

And as Koz says, multi-tracking is not a strong point for Audacity and you’d probably need a full DAW application, . And probably somebody to handle the recording so the sound guy isn’t distracted from his main job. :wink:

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