64 bit vst support for Windows?

Just upgraded to the newest versions of ozone and nuetron just to find out they now I my offer 64 bit…if this is the new trend will audacity be working on supporting this in Windows??

Audacity is currently 32-bit on Windows, and will run on either 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows.
Audacity is likely to eventually become 64-bit only (all platforms), but as a 64-bit version will not run on 32-bit versions of Windows, and there are still many users on 32-bit Windows, there is no immediate plan to change to 64-bit for Windows.

Audacity for Windows is still a 32-bit application so only 32-bit plug-ins will work. Audacity for OS-X is now 64-bits.

the newest versions of ozone and neutron

According to the Izotope website, neither of those officially support Audacity. (Sometimes plug-ins work with unsupported hosts but you can’t complain of they don’t. And in this case, a 64-bit plug-in won’t work with a 32-bit host.)