6 channel editing

I have an 6 channel file that has been taken from a film. How can I isolate one/several channels in the file? Can I use Audacity or need to use other another software?

I assume you have the file open and you can see all 6 tracks?

They are “separate” except the first two tracks usually open as a linked stereo tack (front left & front right). You can [u]Split Stereo Track[/u] to separate them.

Also to the left of the waveforms there are Mute buttons and an “X” if you want to delete one or more tracks. There is also a Select button if you want to edit one or more tracks.

With the default settings the tracks are mixed-down to mono or stereo but there is an [u]Use Advanced Mixing Options[/u] setting if you want to export as multitrack.

Audacity can’t play in surround sound. When you play from inside Audacity it will be mixed-down to stereo. But you can export as surround and play it in a player that does support surround.