5.1 Surround Sound Question

Hello, basically, I have audacity (well, I wouldn’t be here if not, but anyway). I’ve ripped the audio from a DVD into 5.1 surround sound channels, and I’ve imported them correctly. It all works. Thing is,

Channel 1 & 2 contain music and sound effects.

Channel 3 contains sound and voice.

Channel 4 contains a bass beat.

Channel 5 & 6 contain music with whispery voice and sound.

What i was wondering was this: is it possible to remove the sound effects from channel 1 and 2 using any of the effects and things in audacity? This person here has managed to: http://youtube.com/watch?v=XYSfH9vYJZI. So, can anyone help me, because he refuses to tell anyone how he does it. And it’s from Doctor Who, so it’s obviously important (hee hee)

It’s probably:

Two channels for speakers at the front—left (L) and right (R).

One channel for speaker at the center—center (C).

Two channels for surround speakers at the rear—surround left (LS) and surround right (RS).

One low-frequency effects channel (LFE).

If music and sfx are on the same stereo pair you cannot separate them. The You-tube guy probably got pirate copies from elsewhere.

He definately doesn’t I saw someone saying that he used the 5.1 surround sound mix from the DVDs, but that was also they said. Apparently they’d said too much already. But thanks anyway for your help. Are you sure there’s absolutely no way? Because I’m kinda confused now.

Well, X. In reply to your question, channels 1 and 2 have sound effects and music. The sound effects and the music are equally as loud, and I want to get rid of the sound effects so I just have the music left. Is that possible?

Please, I really do need help here.

And both the sound effects and the music are stereo? If so then…

No. It is not possible. I think the reason there has been no other response is because there is little more to add.

If the sound effects are mono…
If the sound effect is a single continuous drone…
If the sound effect is only on one channel…
If the sound effect and the music are in different frequency bands…
If the sound effects are very quiet,

then possibly,

but for stereo sound effects mixed with stereo music on the same stereo track, you will have more success extracting a banana from a banana milk shake. You may be able to filter bits of it out, but it will be mush.

It’s just - how exactly did the person on youtube in the link I sent do it? There must be some way, right?

I’ve already given my “best guess” to that question.

Well, could you tell me how exactly I could filter it out please?

If I tell you how to get the Dr. Who music without the sound effects, do you promise to stop talking about it - I mean, don’t tell anyone else the secret answer that I will PM to you, and don’t bring the subject up again?

You may have some luck with this effect, (though I have doubts as to how well it will work): http://www.paulrharvey.co.uk/elevayta/product13.htm

If that doesn’t work, then try these links:

Thank you, Mr. Fiddle. Last thing though - how the hell does it work? It just leaves me with silence evey time I do any effect.

Sorry, I have absolutely no idea - and it does not run on my computer (Linux). Are there no instructions for it?
Also, it may not work with Audacity, you may need to use an alternative “host” program such as “Reaper” http://www.cockos.com/reaper/

I still think that your best bet is to use the links at the bottom of my last post - I suspect that is the method used by the You-Tube person.

I’ll try Reaper, thank you, but the soundtracks are not how he got them. The soundtracks, I find, are very limited, and pretty much just have pieces recorded specifically for the soundtrack (I mean same composition, just not the original on the TV episodes). Thanks.