5.1 loopback issues

I swear its me…every PC ive ever owned has come with a soundcard ofcourse but never with fresh drivers or a GUI…never known how to overcome this. Hope its not related. Googling my exact rig, Dell G5, its a 5.1 surround sound card compatible. Yet i can’t find what Realtec GUI actually works for it, ive tried a few but none take effect. limited to windows sound control panel really.

Cannot for the life of me get 5.1 windows loopback for Audacity recording. Flawless stereo achieved no problems at all. But 5.1…no

Messing with audacity’s playback and recording settings i seem to get very close! I will press record on audacity and 6 channels are generated! But no sound is feeding through at all into audacity this way via loopback so the recording doesnt progress at all. Can hear the audio through my TV fine, audacity just doesnt seem to want to with 5.1. Stereo is definately fine, i just cant to get this going. Manual implies its definately possible with a 5.1 card.

Been pulling my hair out googling and trial and error. I hate to make a topic but, this process from start to end in laymans terms would be greatly appreciated!

I don’t think it is you. I did a cursory search on the internet and could find no references of anyone successful at 5.1 loopback recording.

If your soundcard has 6 channels of input and output you should be able to use cables for a physical “loopback”. Or you may need a multi-channel audio interface for 6-channels of recording.

You’ll need Y-splitters if you want to connect speakers for monitoring at the same time, and the appropriate adapters if you use an interface.

And since Audacity often “has trouble” with multi-channel recording, you may need a DAW application.

Both responses have been very helpful THANKYOU! I was just assuming that as audacity can get to a point where you can choose 5.1+ channel recording, it meant it was possible. I’m honestly just trying to record some game audio for some cutscenes im personally collecting, 5.1 output but no modding tools yet to extract the games audio compression format. So was thinking recording 5.1 loopback would do it.

Will look into external DAWs - cheers!

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