5.1 Channel order

I have 6-channel audio from an HD transport stream that is identified as 3F2R/LFE. I’m assuming this is three front (L-C-R), two rear (Ls-Rs) and low frequency, AKA 5.1. When I import the audio to audacity each individual channel sounds fine, and together they sound great. I just have very little clue which is which. Center and subs tend to be easy to ID, but the rest, not so much.

Any clues? My guess, just based on channel placement on Digibeta or HDCAM tales, is (top-to-bottom) L-C-R-Ls-Rs-Sub. But on tape you can place them wherever you want, really. Does the same apply to .ts? How about MP4s or AVIs or any other standard video formats? Also, is there any way to get audacity to auto-designate each channel the way it notes “left” and “right” for stereo tracks? Thanks in advance.

There is some information here:

Audacity isn’t yet fully capable for multi-channel playback so generally it doesn’t label any channels except front left (as left) and front right (as right).