5.1 AC3 file export problem - please help

Using version 3.2.5 and trying to export a 5.1 AC3 file using ffmpeg for Audacity.

During playback, all 6 tracks play perfectly fine , however when I go to export the file, the audio from the sixth channel can only be heard from the right side (cannot hear it from the left side).

All tracks are mono tracks - 32 bit float

Any advice please?

My notes (from an experiment I did with with a test disc) say track 6 is right surround (right rear) so it shouldn’t be coming out of the left.

1= Left
2= Right
3= Center
4= LFE
5= Left Surround
6= Right Surround

I didn’t actually try exporting the file though… That’s what I got when I opened it in Audacity.

Several years ago when I was making some DVDs I used wavtoac3encoder which takes 6 WAV files and there is a “wizard mode” that makes it easy assign a WAV file to a particular channel.

Life saver! That has sorted my problem (just swapped the 6th track with the centre channel).

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