Hi there, Audacity has a serious issue with HDPI.

Kubuntu: 20.04.3.
Audacity: Unoff./Off. PPA (Audacity 3.0.2) but even with latest Appimage.

I attached the screen to show you all how tiny things are. Even the “about” dialog is tiny.

QT_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTORS=2 doesn’t solve the issue.

Kdenlive has a similar issue but with the Appimage works fine.

If i upscale 200% icons are immense and everything is messed up.

Looking forward a solution.


Audacity does not yet fully support HDPI, but on xfce I can get a reasonable view by increasing the font scaling (using “xfce4-appearance-settings”)

Full Window000.png

The developers are aware of the hdpi issue and are working on improving it.

I used XFCE on my laptop it is a very good UI but on my main PC I recently switched to KDE that has a very good and solid “global screen scale” working very well (actualy is 175%). Audacity is the only app I have with this “big” problem. :smiley:

Ok, I will wait but - sorry and I don’t want to sound rude - even if I am not a programmer I don’t think having a “scale factor” inside an application would be an option to much difficult to code :mrgreen:

As you say, you’re not a programmer :wink: - scaling a complex WxWidgets based app like Audacity is very difficult.