4 Trk. Rec. simultaneously w/Lexicon Omega USB interface

Windows 7, HP Pavilion dv7-1245dx Entertainment Notebook (AMD Turion X2 Dual Core Mobile RM-72 2.10GHz 4.00GB RAM 320GB 5400RPM Hard Drive), Audacity 2.0.0 . I’ve been multitrack rec./mixing awesome music W/Audacity Inputting thru 1/8 in. stereo jack(Yep 2 trks simultaneously) monitoring with a small DJ mixer. I’m shoping for a USB interface that will rec. 4 tracks or more simultaneously . The Lexicon Omega is advertized as 4 trk. capable. Will this unit work w/Audacity ? Will the Pantheon VST reverb plug-in work in Audacity? Hope someone has tried/used these. THANKS

Unfortunately we have very little information about which multi-channel sound devices work with Audacity. There is a little information in this topic: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/multi-channel-recording-in-audacity/15644/1 You may be able to get additional information by searching Google.
When you eventually get a 4 channel device, please let us know how well it works with Audacity - this is one area where we totally depend on user feedback (unless some kind and wealthy soul donates a load of hardware :wink: )
Reviews of audio hardware with Audacity are extremely welcome in this section of the forum: http://forum.audacityteam.org/viewforum.php?f=27

I’ll be sure to share my experiences. I don’t want to be someone who takes and takes and don’t give back. The Omega is advertized to record 4 tracks simultaneously thru USB , but comes with Cubase LE 5 and for the money it looks like the best bargain even if I can only do 2 tracks at a time , unless someone thinks otherwise ??? I really don’t want to have to learn another system. I’m green about anything digital, including computers. I think I’m learning pretty fast. I’m an old school electronics tech., who recently decided to enter the 21st century and bought my first computer 3 months ago. I really appreciate that this was available to me. I originally downloaded Cakewalk Pro but got so frustrated and trashed/deleted it in less than a week. I can’t remember where I heard about Audacity, but its been a God-send for me. Everybody, including myself,is amazed at the quality of my recordings. I think I’ll wait awhile to see if anyone might reply to my questions, especially info on the Lexicon Pantheon “VST Plug-in” Reverb. I use to own a real $$$ Lexicon Reverb (wasn’t a Pantheon) years ago and loved it. Another question also, if I Update from 2.0.0 to 2.0.1, will it affect my saved files ? *** THANKS EVERYONE***

I don’t know about compatibility of the Pantheon VST reverb but one limitation of Audacity VST support is that it does not support any “real time” or MIDI features of any plug-ins. There are some quite nice settings in the free ANWIDA Soft DX Reverb Light.

Audacity 2.0.1 should be fully compatible with saved projects from 2.0.0, however it is still advisable to export back-up WAV (or AIFF or FLAC) format copies of your work (preferably save them externally from your computer to protect against hard drive failure).

Hello Steve, I downloaded the free ANWINDA Soft DX Reverb Lite but can’t get it to show up/work in Audacity.(It is a VST isn’t it ?) I followed directions and tried to place it in the plug in folder but it errors. Then I let it install where it suggested it to go and followed dir. for Aud. to search/find it (sel.box & restart). I have to quit saying I’m a Jack of all Trades because I’m STUCK ON STUPID when it comes to computer OS’s. I hope it gets better with time/expr. Can I be blocked from this forum ? Thanks Y’all for your help.

They do three versions - VST, DirectX and SAWStudio.
Audacity supports the VST version.

What error was that?

Wow I just dragged it & dropped it into the plug-in’s folder. It works and sounds really good so far. THANKS SO MUCH :smiley: :slight_smile: :wink: :astonished: :laughing: :exclamation: