4 part harmony tutorials

I’m composing hymns. Can’t seem to find any up to date (2023-4) tutorials on how to improve the overall quality of my scores (e.g. effects, etc)

Lots of (older)youtubes on “how to improve your voice on Audacity”, but really need specifics for hymns.



Why do you think hymns are different? Are you doing 4-part with overdubbing and one person? I don’t know that there are any tricks to that, other than insuring you have a quiet, echo-free room/studio and your microphone or recorder supports wired headphones.

It’s a New User error that they can record anywhere and fix it by piling on enough filters, effects and corrections. They can’t

Microphone makers make this much worse with ads about setting up their product on the kitchen table, make a fortune, and retire to a cottage on the California coast.

It’s a little more involved than that.


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