3D/8D Sound/Audio

I had in mind to create a pov audio story, but I have some issues with it. Of course one thing I can do, which is moving sound from right to left ear. But I don’t know how non found a plug-in for it, to make sound be heard of from above. (That for example you can hear birds singing/flying above you. )
Is it even possible to make audio (by plug-in or manually) go from behind to top, down to top, etc?

I don’t know of any plug-ins for it either, but there some information about 3-D sound on Wikipedia: 3D audio effect - Wikipedia

A much simpler way to create a 3-D recording for personal use, is to record 4 audio channels with 4 microphones positioned in a room:
Front left
Front right
Directly behind
Directly above

Then for playback, replace the microphones with loudspeakers.

This does of course require hardware that supports 4 channel recording and 4 channel playback. (Audacity only supports 2 channel playback).
I once created an “installation” using this technique, using a 4-channel cassette recorder (a “Portastudio”) and it was pretty effective.

https://www. youtube.com/results?search_query=Binaural+VST+Plugin

Well I can’t afford pro microphone sadly. And I wanted to make this project by using downloaded sounds from Internet only. But thank you so much that you wanted to help.

But there’s a lot of these… Which one I should click on? ;-;

As far as Audacity is concerned, only the ones which are 32-bit are acceptable,
(even if your operating-system is 64 bit), and only VST2 , not VST3 or VSTi.