32 Bit Project unable to open in 64 Bit Version

This Is Jatin Suthar, India, Thank you very much team Audacity for this wonderful project, Since long i am using Audacity for my own recording projects, and is wonderful experience, now as i updated version 64 bit what i found am unable to open my old projects which i created in 32 bit. is there any solution to open it again so that i can do it much better,

Do you know which version of Audacity you were previously using? If not the exact version number, was it Audacity 3.x or Audacity 2.x?

Which exact version are you using now?

Why, what happens? Is there an error message?

We expect that to work. The current Audacity 3.1.3 is expected to open its own projects as well as earlier projects.

It’s very important to write down any error messages. Flying blind while troubleshooting is not good.

Earlier Audacity Projects came in two parts. An .AUP project manager file and a _DATA folder with the actual sounds in it. It’s terrifically common for people to assume the .AUP file is the whole show. It’s not. You need both parts and they have to be in the same location or folder to work.

You can’t change the names later outside of Audacity. That will kill a show very quickly.

Without being too much of a Gloomy Gus, what’s the possibility your older shows will never open in any Audacity? Show failures were pretty common in Audacity 2.