3 pin din microphone to PC sound card

I have a Grundig GDM 313 microphone with a 3 pin din connector. I want to use this with the sound card on my PC to record. Does anybody know what adapter I can use to convert the 3 pin din to the audio in on my sound card?

The microphone input on a computer’s built-in sound card is 1/8 inch TRS (unbalanced) female. If you are singing or speaking professionally probably you want to connect to an XLR input on a mixer or interface: http://www.soundonsound.com/forum/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=640593&Main=531077 .


A quick web search indicates that jantom’s Grundig is a 1970’s vintage dynamic mic. And yes they did come with a 3-pin DIN
connector at the end of the cable NOT an XLR. It appears that they mated Grundig’s tape recorders at the time.

I don’t believe you find any sort of adapter.

If you really want to use it, the best plan is probably to just lop off the DIN connector and solder on a
new mono mini-phone plug, to plug into your computer, or a new XLR to plug into a professional mixer.

If you don’t know how to solder I suggest putting it in the antique case and buying a modern microphone
to suit your needs.

If you do know how to solder (or have a friend that does) post some pictures of the opened up DIN connector
and we can give you some hints as to the likely wiring needed.

I stand corrected. There is a seller on EBay selling DIN to XLR adapters. He appears to be based in Europe (the auctions either say “From UK” or “From the Netherlands” so hard to tell). In any case your Grundig is not in the list, and DIN pinouts were not all the same, so if you want to go that route I would recommend contacting the seller to see if they know if their adapter (or can make an adapter) that works with your Grundig. His adapters appear to be for professional microphones of the era (with a locking DIN connector that is part of the microphone) and your Grundig appears to be more of a consumer model.