3 Mics using ProFX8 Mixer - 1 Mic quiet


I’m using Audactiy 2.0.6 and have a Mackie ProFX8 mixer hooked up to my Windows 7 laptop via a USB connection. I have 3 mircophones plugged into mono connections on the mixer. 2 of the three sound fine. 1 is always much quieter. All of the levels are the same and changing cables inputs doesn’t seem to work.

What can I do to normalize the sound on the 3rd mic?


You are intended to rough balance your live microphones with the Gain or Trim controls up near the microphone connection (attach). Then you produce the show with the volume sliders at the bottom of each microphone channel or strip. Master mix volume is set with the Main slider toward the right.

My mixer is slightly different, but you get the idea.

Also make sure the HI/MID/LOW equalizers are all zeroed out or at least the same on all the active channels. Turn the Gains and Levels all the way down on all the channels you’re not using to avoid extra hiss and noise.


Another note. You have a complicated mixer where you can send one channel or microphone out to special effects and then return it to the show after processing. That can profoundly affect microphone volume. Make sure any controls you don’t understand are neutral, middle, or off.