3 HOUR Audio

I FINALLY downloaded…Video Converter by Foxtab…
uploaded the avi file and downloaded an mp3 file …!
so problem is solved … at last !

I uploaded the mp3 file to Audacity

I split the 3 hour file into a 2 hour file and a 1 hour file

The 2 hour file has come in at a whacking … 117 meg !
Thats too much, Ive listened to good quality audio at around 12 meg per hour… no probs

Is there any way to get that 117 meg down to about 25 mg or 30 meg ?
as I’m planning to upload it to 4 shared
( prob post a link back here too )

You could re-encode it using a lower bit-rate (such as 32), but there will be
quality loss. Not sure where that is on 2.0, but it should be in Preferences
under something like “MP3 Export Setup” on the File Formats tab (in 126,
which I prefer).

I’d suggest cutting it into a series of files (say 20 minutes each, or logically
cut depending on the content (such as when topics are switched or a
commercial, etc).)

That way, the files a smaller, and if you lose one or one gets corrupted,
you won’t lose as much. Be sure to number them in order of their
sequence in the show, example:
Coast to Coast Show–01–Interview Start (10 Apr 2007).mp3
Coast to Coast Show–02–Caller 01 (10 Apr 2007).mp3
Coast to Coast Show–03–Commercial (10 Apr 2007).mp3

Also, LAME isn’t the same as FFMPEG. FFMPEG is basically a HUGE
collection of audio and video codecs. Not sure why the “gurus”
here want you to use it, but at least they aren’t hyping K-Pack,
I guess. Ha ha…

No it isn’t : LAME and FFmpeg are different things … http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/FAQ:Installation_and_Plug-Ins#How_do_I_download_and_install_the_FFmpeg_Import.2FExport_Library.3F

I just checked that Audacity with FFmpeg installed will rip the audio from AVI video, no extra converter software necessary …

Managed to get the 2 hour audio down to 30 meg, then spent 2 hours trying
to upload it to 4 shared using fire fox

Finally did a bit of sideways thinking and switched to avant browser, the file whizzed up
in about 15 mins
worth a listen if you are interested in space and science
go here

should be able to listen on the site