3.5.1 recording quality

Hi! For whatever reasons, I’ve noticed version 3.5.1 hasn’t been recording in full range. After listening, I noticed that my recordings were sounding muddy and missing the bass. Even post production wasn’t able to help but I kind of figured so if the original recording was garbage. Note, that I haven’t changed any settings or the way I record/master between versions and when I re-installed the latest 3.4 version it fixed my issue. I compared the waveforms of the same recording from the latest to the previous and you could notice (and hear) the difference. I’m just seeing if anyone has this same issue and what the problem could have been

Make sure Windows “enhancements” are turned OFF.

Audacity doesn’t mess with the sound during recording, but sometimes Windows, or some soundcard utility does.

What are you recording from? Your laptop’s mic? Streaming audio? Etc.?

No it shouldn’t. I record via my controller so it’s all going thru the sound card. I have no enhancements on or changes to my pc eq. I’m not using a mic. I haven’t changed settings or any way I record between updates. Listening to what I’ve recorded before and after the apr 24th update, I have all my problems happening after that date. Unless it happens to be a pc update, after reverting back to a previous update of audacity and rerecording with a quality that matches pre 4.24 tells me my problem is potentially a glitch within the 3.5.1 update. Or Maybe it’s a glitch within a pc update that doesn’t like the 3.5.1 version. I’m not sure. I am running an ASUS F15 in case that matters.