[3.5.1] LPCM channel sequence incorrect

Good evening.
I want to create a multichannel track in PCM , (left, right center, LFE, Rear left, rear right) on playback with the media unit the channel sequence is not correct.
Exporting the same tracks to AC3 the sequence is correct.
Maybe I am doing something wrong?
Thanks for the advice

You can change the routing when you export. (I don’t remember exactly what you have click or if you have to drag but it wasn’t hard to figure out.)

You might want to make a test recording that says “left front”, etc., with each track delayed so you can go-around in a circle for testing. Plus a low-frequency tone or noise for the LFE channel.

I’ve never played around with LPCM or FLAC but in the past I did some experiments with AC3 and I made some notes and in Audacity the sequence is like this:

1= Left
2= Right
3= Center
4= LFE
5= Left Surround
6= Right Surround

Good morning.
I tried to test with multichannel mapping, actually the channel order in PCM is different from AC3, the order of channels are:
in AC3:
1- Left
2- Right
3- Center
4- LFE
5- Left rear
6- Right rear

in PCM:
1- Left
2- Right
3- Center
4- Left rear
5- Rear right
6- LFE

I have found the cause of this channel reversal, the problem is not with Audacity but with my Zidoo Z9x player that reverses the PCM channel sequence.