3.4.2 The selection tool no longer shows highlight on the actual waveform

I don’t know if this is a bug or a “feature,” but in every version of Audacity I’ve used before, selecting a portion of an audio track used to show a “highlight” that extended from the top of the waveform all the way to the bottom.

Since (unintentionally) upgrading to version 3.4.2, the highlight only displays above and below the waveform, and and there’s a grey background surrounding the waveform itself that does not display the highlight. This makes it more difficult to select specific parts of the track with precision. I have to “eyeball” where the selection would land on the waveform, if the line continued from top to bottom, which is super annoying.

How can I get the “selection highlight” to cover the whole waveform, as before? I’ve searched through the preferences and haven’t found any setting that seems to affect it.