3.4.2 looks worse than 2.4.2

I wanted to report a bug but found out I was still on 2.4.2 while 3.4.2 is out. I downloaded the AppImage and started 3.4.2. Now my issue is: what happened to the interface?

2.4.2 looks like this on my Xubuntu 22.04 in dark mode:

(After I started 3.4.2 and then opened 2.4.2, the toolbars are huge, I guess 3.4.2 has overwritten some settings?)

3.4.2 looks like this:

What do I need to set to make 3.4.2 look like my original 2.4.2 version?


The AppImage uses GTK2 for compatibility reasons - essentially, the point is to have it at least functional on any distro you might want the latest version of Audacity on. Versions from the package manager or self-compiled versions will better integrate into the distro.

OK, thanks for the explanation. Are there package repositories to get a newer version than 2.4.2?

Apparently there’s a PPA you can try: Audacity Audio Editor and Recorder : Panda Jim

Alternatively, newer ubuntu versions have newer Audacity versions too: 23.04 has Audacity 3.2.4, 23.10 has Audacity 3.3.3.

Oh that is good to know, thanks! I was waiting for 23.04 till I have my new laptop but that might be a little later… I’ll first try the PPA.


Before updating software, it is generally a good idea to check open issues for the new version to see if there are compelling reasons to wait before updating. In the case of updating from Audacity 2.x to 3.x, projects made in Audacity 3.x do not work in Audacity 2.x, so it is a bit more important to check that Audacity 3.x will do what you want before investing a lot of time and effort in a new Audacity 3.x project.

I understand. There were some issues with v2 that I hoped would be fixed in v3. I now downloaded the latest from git and built it myself and it looks as I expected, very nice! :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help

There was one bug that was too annoying to continue in 2.4. When I split a recording into labels and then Export Multiple, I can set the FLAC level and bitrate. But the bitrate setting was used from the previous session. I had to start exporting, cancel it (or wait till it finishes), then open the export dialog again and export again. It took a while before I found out about this so I need to go back and check several exported files.

So I really wanted to upgrade. But then I saw the AppImage uses a very old UI version that was just too ugly to use. Aesthetics are not top priority but still high on my list. Especially dark mode — which is more than just aesthetics to be honest.

I got the latest code and built it myself but I realise I need to do that with every update which is also a pain. I’ll go for the Panda Jim PPA next time.

I do think that the official AppImage looking like this it will put off many Linux users. I have no real data to back this up but I cannot imagine a lot of people really like using something that looks like Windows did in 1998. Maybe two AppImages are possible? Or a PPA?

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