3.4.1 Audacity Computer Requirements

I am new to Audacity and in the process of buying a new computer to use mainly with the new version 3.4.1. Would like to have a strong machine to do what i want with Audacity.

12-24 tracks
12 minutes in length

The processor will probably be an I9-12900, so no issue with it.

But any recommendations on:

  1. Graphics - Is the Intel UHD Graphics 770 strong enough or do i need a separate graphics card with 8mg of memory?
  2. Amount of RAM - 16 or 32 or 64?
  3. Size of SSD drive?

Thanks for any help with this.

Multitrack RECORDING can be demanding but I assume you are NOT multi-track recording with Audacity. Audacity doesn’t seem to be very good at multitracking, and I’ve never tried it.

Mixing & processing isn’t done in real-time so it shouldn’t be a problem either. It just takes a little longer on a slower computer. And mixing by-itself isn’t that demanding. It’s just summation. (Except there is SOME real-time effect capability.)

With a regular multi-tracking DAW you might be running real-time effects on multiple tracks and that can also get VERY demanding.

A full-DAW is geared toward multitrack recording & mixing and it will have features that make it “easer”… after you get past the learning curve. :wink: But most DAWs are not free.

Of course, 24 12-minute tracks are the same amount of data as 144 minutes of 2-channel stereo.

When you run into problems with an “underpowered computer”, it’s usually dropouts/glitches during recording and the real problem is usually “something else” interrupting the audio. The multitasking system is always multitasking and interrupting, even when you’re only running one application. (That’s why there are recording & playback/monitoring buffers to keep the audio flowing in-and-out smoothly.)

A faster computer helps because it can finish-up the background stuff faster but it’s usually more important to minimize whatever is interrupting and hogging CPU time. …I’m not an expert on this, but I understand the root of the problem and I know it can be a nightmare!

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