3.3.3 still doesn't fix the sample rate problem

In the previous update you guys got rid of the toolbar that allowed me to resample a track before export or record a new track in a new sample rate. You said here that you would make it so that when I export a file I would be able to choose the sample rate. That did not happen and I also didn’t get my toolbar back.

PLEASE add back the ability to EASILY resample a track before I record or change the sample on export. There is no easy way to do that right now.


I think they were intending to add that feature, and there is even a development version that has it, but the last time I tried it had some serious bugs so it is not yet ready. For what it’s worth, the new Export dialog is looking very nice, so hopefully it will be ready soon.

Currently the “best” way to handle sample rates is the slightly tedious process of clicking through the “Audio Setup” button to where the Project Rate settings can now be found.

Yeah that’s what I’ve been doing to change sample. It sucks. Glad they’re working on it! It’s just annoying because in the window for the update it said they fixed the sample rate thing and they did not.

to me, they have a bigger problem with resample and hopefully they’re working it. i us the win version and when tweaking audio with the built-in eq, the format ALWAYS changes to 32 float. annoying as hell but it’s a freebie so u work with it.

speaking of which, that built-in eq is nice but quite buggy. 1) the ui needs a refresh so we can see the baseline and 2) levels change willy-nilly even if they were not adjusted. again, its ui as they need to improve the selection ui.

been using this pup since the 90’s or close and went to ocenaudio which rocks but am back now due to the nd (non-destructive) feature.

The new exporter is dependent on a refactor that’s some 10000 lines of code. Including this in a patch release (ie 3.3.x) is out of the question. It should make it into 3.4 though.

I would really like to see Audacity bring back the sample rate tool bar. For most of my projects I don’t need to adjust the default, but for one producer, a different rate is requested and it’s a nice reminder to have a visual of it on my toolbar and just make a quick adjustment prior to recording.

Please bring this feature back as a toolbar option.

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Yes, seriously! Please just bring back the toolbar. It’s already coded, isnt it? It was there before…

Just put the toolbar back

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