3.3.2 64 bit not installing on Windows 10, just black window

I downloaded audacity-win-3.3.2-x64.exe, 14913 KB
When I launch it, I get a black window with a spinning wheel. Nothing happens. The window is in the foreground and other windows cannot be put in front of it. I can close it.
I download the zip, unzipped into a new folder, launched Audacity.exe, get same black window.

Your file size download is correct.
Is you virus checker stuck in middle of scanning it…? … temporily disable virus check until installed.
You might need to Unblock the file as it has come from another computer… open file explorer go to the audacity-win-3.3.2-x64.exe file, right click it, Properties, General tab, Security attributes down at bottom, tells you file has come from another computer…tick the tick box to Unblock, close file manager.
Does the .exe file do anything…does it start to install then black screen…??
Is there other windows eg asking permission to let this software make changes to your pc.
Does it appear to install fully then black screen as Audacity is launched

Of course, unblock it, sorry, I should have thought of that myself. Thanks @AudyMusik

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