3.3.1 first experience... going back to 2.4.2 for now

Workflow is important. There are changes to the app that I don’t understand the purpose of which are hindering my use of 3.3.1.

First would be looped playback. It used to be simple to just do shift+spacebar and selected audio would loop. This is critical to my editing flow. However, now there’s some other process required and it doesn’t even behave the same way it seems (although I haven’t bothered trying)
I just want good ol’ shift+space.

The next discovery is that copy / pasting audio between projects is different. For some reason the clipboard contents go away now if the source project of a copied segment is closed before pasting.
This is a typical workflow which this interferes with:

  • Working project needs a piece of audio inserted.
  • Open desired audio file to be copied from.
  • Holding the Command key, the following sequence of hotkeys: A, C, W, V.

This would select all, copy, close the window, then paste into the target project (as it came to focus when the widow closed)
However, now, that results in nothing being pasted. You need to copy, then click on the target project window behind, paste, then click on the temporary source window again just to close it, then get back to the target window.
Is this an oversight/bug, or is the deletion of the clipboard contents intentional when the source project is closed?

Lastly for now, if using the MacbookPro internal speakers or wired headphones as output, the system has some sort of residual sound playing when hitting stop. This doesn’t happen through bluetooth earbuds. It also doesn’t show up on a hijacked recording of system audio.
You can see in the image below that it’s happening with the internal speakers (captured in blue by the internal mic) but not with recorded system audio (shown in green.)

A video it happening can be seen here:

There’s that additional blip of sound played after the stop. This is regardless of the micro-fades option as it seems like some sort of ghosting / buffering issue that’s only happening on the internal system.

For me, 2.4.2 works much better for editing. However, it crashes when hitting stop while recording.

It every programmer’s philosophy… “If it ain’t broke, fix it!” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The old versions are always available and you can use them until you are forced to upgrade you operating system (sometimes you have to replace your computer, etc.) and at some point the old versions may not work.

Yeah, unfortunately 2.4.2 crashes on stop while recording, otherwise I think it’s intact.
Custom themes even work ! :upside_down_face:

No-go on 2.4.2. Well, not on my MacMini anyway. Audio driver issue.
Works ok on the MacbookPro laptop though. weird.