3.2.1 keeps freezing up recording thru usb audio interface

Since updating to 3.2.1, my recordings from cassette deck via a usb interface (u-control UCA222) keep freezing up. Not each time, but fairly often during recording… it will just stop. At other times (and more frequently) when I open Audacity and hit ‘record’ it will produce an error and not start recording at all. At that stage I need to close Audacity, unplug the interface, reconnect and restart Audacity. Any ideas how to rectify before I go back to the earlier version??

First, make sure the UCA-222 is connected to your computer before you start Audacity. If you get that error message when attempting to record, try Transport (menu) > Rescan Audio Devices.

I don’t know why Audacity would freeze (requiring a Force Quit?) during recording. If Audacity is just pausing the recording rather than crashing, check that Transport > Transport Options > Sound Activated Recording is not checked.

– Bill

It maybe worthwhile trying a different USB port.