[3.1.3]freeze when keyboard keydown(fixed idk why)

well,I was going to create a slience track,but when I input 1 then it freeze that even close window are not working(I finally force close it using taskmgr),
and then I found it also freeze when alt+tab and I tried to update the newest version and update ffmpeg,and still crash,
and I tried to update the graphic driver and restart the computer,still freeze.

and just when I register on this site ready to post this,problem magically disappears :confused:

so I cannot attampt fix because it kinda fixed itself,and I cannot reproduce it any more,but I just want to do a report,and maybe get some idea what should I do when this happen again.

That also makes it difficult to diagnose the problem.

A couple of things to try if it happens again:

Perhaps Audacity was waiting for some input, such as a dialog window that somehow got hidden behind another window (try moving any open windows to see if there is a dialog window underneath).

Perhaps Audacity was stuck in play or record mode (try clicking the β€œStop” button).

actually before it fixed it self,I do have attampt to load a song,just if I dont do anything with keyboard and not select track in any way,I do have ability to play the track ,select part of track and go forward and backward,but it all came crushing down when press ctrl+a

oh,and recording is fine too,
and insert a slience if you dont change anything with keyboard,it can create a slience track, at the time

the freeze I mean totally freeze,inclde all the pop-up of auducity,and do have side effect in another running instance

and I do have consider if it is my keyboard just stuck at some key in first attampt,but I do can input thing normally and I try to press all the key and still not fix it.