24 bit Wavs changing to 16 bit during batch export


I needed to batch fade/in out around 1,000 wavs to remove some very subtle clicks in a sample library I purchased. I managed to do it using Audacity and the fade-io.ny plugin but during the batch process all wavs are exported as 16 bit rather than their original 24 bit format.

Is this a limitation of batch exporting? The only reference I could find was something about first manually exporting a single wav and using the “Other uncompressed files” option and selecting 24 bit, after which Audacity should remember the last format used. But this didn’t make any difference and it still exports wavs as 16 bit.

WAV export in Chains is 16 bit only.

Thanks for confirming Steve. Not really a big issue and anyway it far outweighs having to manually edit 1000+ wavs!

If you want to “vote” that Chains support “Other uncompressed files” we can record your vote (anonymously). To some extent we take number of votes into account when considering new and improved features.


Sure, please record my vote for that suggestion and thank you for what you already provide anyway :slight_smile:

Done. It now has 27 votes recorded.