>22000 HZ , how to create ?

hello friends … I’m trying to generate a tone above 22000 hz but I can’t get this
I want to create bigger tones for example 40000 hz 50000 hz. 300 mhz etc …, is it possible? maybe editing the source file?

tahnk you

The sample rate must be more than double the frequency that you want to create.
If you launch Audacity, then set the “Project Rate” (lower left corner of the main window) to 96000, then you will be able to generate frequencies up to (nearly) 48000 Hz.

Note that most sound systems can only produce sound up to about 20000 Hz. If you can hear something when you play a sound that’s over 20000 Hz, you are not actually hearing the sound itself, but lower harmonics caused by distortion of the sound.

Hi Steve :smiley:

thank you very much, you helped me a lot

thanks for that info steve, i always was kinda proud of my hearing, but was curious whether hearing range is any different, still don’t know the real answer, but one thing is for sure, you apparently were wrong about the maximum hearing range of humans, -
“The commonly stated range of human hearing is 20 to 20,000 Hz.[9][10][note 1] Under ideal laboratory conditions, humans can hear sound as low as 12 Hz[11] and as high as 28 kHz”
“Commercial US Pest Repellers are designed to emit US in the frequency range 20 kHz to 100 kHz. US above 20 kHz is inaudible to man but children can hear the US to a certain level up to 30 kHz.”

i also done some tests on my own and here’s the results -

i started off with 30000 and lowered it to a point, then played around on different values, every value sounds different, e.g. 23100 is so damn loud in comparison 22800 , or how some values start with loud volume and then like 0.1 seconds after volume reduces itself to oblivion but they still can be heard(dunno if it’s my soundcard/headphones or my ears)for me these values are 22700, 23000

first i tried in this order from top to bottom

30000@96000 - i can hear it under focusing, veeery barely, that’s all i can say
25000@96000 - i can hear it under focusing, veeery barely, and it’s definitely louder, but sounds the same
24000@96000 - applied a pressure
22000@44100 - piwuuuuuuu

the rest i tried out in random order, you can see below

16000@44100(similar to anti mosquito thing)
16100@44100(similar to anti mosquito thing+siren)
17400@44100(super duper loud)
19000@44100(a very clear dzun’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’, i mean i’m russian so i’m explaining differently than you will, reminds the tv days a bit)
23100@48000(loud but i can’t explain that sound)
23700@48000(have less distant wuu than 23800)
23800@48000(have very distant woo or wuu)
23900@48000(brrzzzz or brwrwww)
24400@88200(a veeeeeery distant dqfhquifhweifh noise)
24500@88200(a veeeeeery distant dqfhquifhweifh noise)

in other words i stopped understanding what i’m hearing at 23900 & above it
and i didn’t felt well when playing anything above 24000 due to the need of extra concentration and obviously a 24000Hz+ sound going into your ears every second, i’m not an insane so obviously i didn’t kept the sounds for more than 3 seconds but that alone was enough to apply the pressure
hardware uced -
AudioTrak Prodigy Cube 24/96 @24bit 96000Hz
FxSound @ 5 2 1 5 2
Headphones - SteelSeries Siberia 200 (Headphone frequency 10 - 28000 Hz)
Headphones volume - 100%
Windows volume - 20~40%, depends on number, changing the volume doesn’t increase the ability to hear the sound, but it makes it louder which may or may not make your ears more at ease (aka less concentration is required for problematic values like 24400, but at the same time the sound must be there and it’s going into your ears, and that’s not good for the ears, but at least you are stressing out yourself less, just don’t exceed safe values of volume, which i did not exceeded, and don’t keep the audio files ON for long, 3 seconds max, make pauses)

don’t know whether my hardware affected the outcoming audio or no, but cool, every value is different, some can be heard clearly like 21k 22k 23k 23.1k , some are mess like 23.9k 24.4k

but most of them were definitely not the “lower harmonics caused by distortion of the sound”
i would say that my ears or hardware started giving up slowly after 23100 and starting from 23900 almost completely gave up
while multiple values such as 21000 22000 23000 23100 were very clear, though it’s safe to say that 23000 and 23100 were already distorted at least in some way for me, hence the complete mess at 23900+

was fun, also imagine how i hate when there’s flying mosquitos in room, i can hear all of them, it’s horrible, it’s insane, and i can’t even enable these anti-mosquito devices because they hurt my ears, at least the 20~30k kHz ones, not sure about the latter ones, but well, that’s why i kill all of the mosquitos with a pillow like a hungry guy in the jungle on the hunt(or a madman)…

Rosen, Stuart (2011). Signals and Systems for Speech and Hearing (2nd ed.). BRILL. p. 163. “For auditory signals and human listeners, the accepted range is 20Hz to 20kHz, the limits of human hearing”

Have you checked that your headphones are capable of producing audio frequencies over 20 kHz without distortion?

hey steve! surprised you are still around, of course no! , doubt that i’ll ever find such an info in the web even if will try really badly, since i doubt that any madman done a test of that for absolutely no reason at all, which is why i mentioned the hardware, because i’m also in doubt that they can do so, i’m in doubt even about sound card, even if it says that it supports 96000, how one will actually know whether it’s distorted after certain point or no if most of peeps are hearing till 20000, 17000, or even 15000, with that said the values such as 20000 or 21000 were very clear, hence i wrote piuuuu
but values such as 22000 and 23000 not as much, was pretty similar thing but with a distortion of some sort, hence i wrote piwuuu, i understand my explanation must be sounds like absurd with these childish attempts to write a sound in letters, but can’t really offer more than that, once the 24500 is passed, i can’t really hear it that well, all i can say that it’s there, and that it applies a pressure on me, either due to too high concentration or due to the actual sound which is being transmitted into my ears which i don’t really hear that well, from all of that, i guess one can say that either their distortion starts somewhere in the 22000+ mark , or my hearing just starts to give up after that value bit by bit.